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New!! Check your Secondi account balance online here!  Your username and password will be the email address Secondi has on file for you.  If you have any technical issues please contact us.

Check Consignor Account Balance

We require a scheduled appointment for your first consignment so that we can create an account for you and review and price your items.

To schedule an appointment, please call 202-667-1122

If you have consigned with us before and have an account with us, and wish to consign by drop-off instead of an appointment, please scroll down to Drop-Off Procedure to learn more.


These are our most important terms for consigning at Secondi; we will personally review all of the terms of our consignment contract with you during your appointment to make sure we answer any questions you may have!

    • As the consignor you will receive 50 % of the selling price once your item has sold! You may use this money as store credit or request a check once your items sell.
    • Please know we are unable to return items once they are consigned at Secondi. If an item has not sold by the end of its designated selling period, or if we find after accepting it that the item is soiled, damaged, or defective in any way, we reserve the right to donate it to eligible local charities. We provide tax forms upon request after the end of the year.
      • Exceptions to this policy can be made for select high-end items.  Please contact us before your appointment for more information.


What we accept at any one time is determined by our current inventory.  Please email photos of any items you are unsure about to

    • Please bring a maximum of 20 items in each consignment.
    • We accept women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and accessories that are no more than 2 years old, in excellent condition, and most important–in style and in season!  Please don’t bring out-of-season items, they likely won’t sell and we aren’t able to store them.
    • Items must be free of wrinkles, stains, damage, odors, animal hair, etc.  Please bring clothing on hangers when possible.  Do not bring items stored with or near moth balls.
    • If possible, please bring any authentication cards, tags, dust bags, etc. you may have when consigning Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.


March-April: early spring

May-July: summer

August: very best of summer, transitional to fall

September-November: fall

December-January: winter

February: transitional/year-round                    

What we accept is weather-dependent at Secondi!  Please contact us with any questions.

We are taking “early spring” Items at this time.  Our customers likely have already purchased their winter coats, boots, and sweaters, so we are looking for:

    • Spring dresses for day and evening (we are accepting cocktail and evening wear!)
    • Spring shoes, boots, handbags, and accessories
    • Unique or high-end sweaters in fabrics like summer wool and cotton
    • Unique, very high-end jackets (we have a lot of coats and jackets already this season, so we are being very selective!)
    • Fewer “office” pants and skirts (with the continuation of remote work we have not experienced as high a demand for these items)
    • It’s too early for “summer,” so if you would wear it to the beach we recommend waiting until late April/early May


Secondi Rack IMG_0954


Once you’ve consigned with us by appointment, you may drop off your items at your convenience!  If you haven’t consigned with Secondi before, please call to make an appointment.

We are unable to review your drop-off with you in person when you bring it in, and we are unable to return items once they have been dropped off. If there are any items that you would prefer we price with you, or items you want back if we are unable to accept them, please schedule an appointment.  Any consignment that is mailed in will be considered a drop-off and reviewed as such.

We process drop-offs on a first-come-first-served basis (on average between 3-7 days) and will email  you an itemized list of the items we were able to accept, the prices, and a tally of any donations.

How to drop off your consignment at Secondi:

1. Complete the Drop-Off Listing Form (downloadable below). You may do this before you come, or in the store–whichever you prefer!

  • If you are bringing in more than one bundle or group of items, please fill out a separate item list for each.
  • Please drop-off no more than 20 items at a time.
  • Please bring in clothing neatly folded, or on hangers if they wrinkle easily.

2. Please bring items between a half-hour after we open and an hour before we close.

3. Hand them over to one of our staff members–we’ll make sure that all forms are complete, then you are free to shop or be on your way!

Donation Records:

We now provide, by request, an end-of-the-year donation form that tallies total donations for the year. Please request this year’s donation form after December 31st.


New!! Check your Secondi account balance online here!  Your default username and password will be the email address Secondi has on file for you.  If you have any technical issues please contact us.

Check Consignor Account Balance


UPDATE!  We have been made aware that some consignors shipping with FedEX have had their packages returned to them as “Rejected” or “Unable to Deliver.”  We do not know why this is happening but rest assured we are open and accepting consignments.  Whenever possible please use USPS or UPS to ship your consignments, and feel free to send us your tracking number(s) so we can know when to expect your package(s).  Thank  you for consigning with us!